Da Lat, Vietnam is more like a town compared to Ho Chi Minh, but a town with so much character, great food, and very kind people.  We were celebrating my travel buddy, Silja’s birthday by driving around the center of town. You can see the stamp of the French colonial aesthetic everywhere which gave the two quite a charming vibe. Many times as we drove through town, we had the experience of being in Paris and if we were to pause and close our eyes, we almost forgot that we weren’t. From the Louis XIV architecture to the mini Eiffel Tower and the many cafes around the lake. Not to mention the amazing Vietnamese food and market.

Da Lat is the perfect fusion of European and Vietnamese cultural charm, modernity and tradition. I enjoyed the family who asked me to take a picture of the little girl because she kept following me around the temple. We decided to chase pigeons together. And the beautiful woman selling fruit in the market with the magnetic smile. And lastly, the co-workers and friends who took a weekend trip from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat who allowed me to photograph them in front of Delycious Cafe where we had cheesecake and brownie for Silja’s birthday. It would seem that everywhere we go in Vietnam, we are embraced with open arms.

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