The Star

Jessica, a native of Melbourne, Australia, by way of parents from Argentina who descend from immigrants from Italy, Ireland and Spain, is a social worker who is looking to change the world the self-empowerment and improvement through tantric yoga, philosophy, and transformation.

When I was deciding on the theme of the photoshoot, Jessica walked into my room at the ashram to speak with me and for some reason, I heard early 90s Mariah Carey singing in my head and saw Sophia Loren circa the 60s. And I knew the photoshoot had to be a cross between 20-year-old Mariah and 30+-year-old Sophia and it would seem we were able to accomplish this look. With a little hair help from Nok at The Hair Club in Thongsala, and my makeup and styling skills, we were able to transform Jessica into herself, her elevated badass, hence the scab on her knee, self.

Jessica, like Stephanie, said to me after the shoot while looking over her pictures in astonishment, ‘That’s how you see me?’ The answer was simply, yes. So this petite, Penelope Cruz meets Paz Vega look-alike, thanked me for helping her see the beautiful woman she was from the inside out.



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