The Maiden Queen

A photo-call with Alia of The Goodie Good Witch overlooking Koh Ma and Mae Haad Beaches from Cookies Resort. Alia used this moment to come out of her shell. She recounts the story about how she always suffered from obesity which caused her to have low-self esteem. And she always felt disconnected from her African American heritage because she grew up in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. Two years ago she began to practice yoga and eat healthily and lost over 80lbs. But inside she was still that shy, overweight girl, who felt disconnected from half of her ethnic identity.

During this photo session, Alia tapped into the woman she has become, sexy, earthy and grounded as well as her African heritage. She was able to experience herself as a complete woman, in tune with her body. She is an advocate of being healthy for your body as labels such as ‘overweight’ or ‘athletic’ or ‘skinny’ do not necessarily equate to health.



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